Wake County Genealogical Society, North Carolina
Introduction to DNA
The December 2016 meeting of the Wake County Genealogy Society on "Enhance Your Genealogy Research with DNA Testing" was a big success with the meeting room packed with new participants! Our members Cyndi Deal, Carla Stancil, and Bruce Allen provided some great background information on DNA testing and had several handouts to help in doing DNA research.  They have graciously agreed to allow us to post the presentation and the handouts to the website.  To download the presentation or one of the handouts, click on the title of interest. 

A Peek into Wake Treasures - Customer Ledger
Merchandise journals and ledgers provide genealogists an opportunity to place their ancestors in specific locales during years between censuses.  This peek into Wake Treasures comes from a three part article on “Customers of the William Hill General Merchandising Store”.  The store was located in Raleigh, NC.  The Wake Treasures article is an abstraction of customers’ names by DeWayne C. McCarty of some pages from the original ledger located in the N.C. State Archives. The ledger contains 250 pages with approximately 2500 customer entries.  The three part article lists all the customers from November 19, 1806 to March, 31, 1807.  The peek below shows three of the 125 days of abstracted data.   
Nov 19, 1806                                      Dec 4, 1806                                                      Jan 20, 1807
Parrish, Hartwell                                 Andrews, Benjamin                                           Rhodes, Will
Delk, David Sen.                                 Blan, Henry                                                       Nutt, Robert
Moss, Willie                                        Hill, William                                                        Parish, Charles
Hodge, William                                   Chavis, John                                                      Haywood, William H.
Williams, Robert                                 Rice, Mrs. Abbigal                                              Marshall, John
Parish, Charles                                   Nutt, William Jun                                                Mabry, Mrs. Jane
Marshall, John                                    Rice, Mrs. Abbigal                                              Haywood, William Henry
Robeteau, John S.                              Massengale, Henchen                                       Parish, Charles
Hill, William                                         Jones, Willie                                                       Nutt, William Sen.
Sanders, Rheubin                               Burt, John                                                          Vandergriff, Archibald
Rhodes, Allen                                     Whitaker, Robert                                                Tempell, Jesse
Spright, William Jun.                           Parish, Charles                                                  Parrish, Charles
Brown, Dury                                        Gaddy, Mrs. Elizabeth                                       Dupree, Peter
Chavis, John                                       Nutt, Robert                                                       Sugg, John
Roberteau, John S.
Utley, Isham
Whitaker, Westley
Parrish, Hartwell
Goss, Sherman
Delk, David Jun.
Beasley, Daniel
Dillard, Merritt
We hope this peek into the Journal whets your appetite for more information.  Access to the complete past and present articles of Wake Treasures is available to all WCGS members form the Wake Treasures page of the Members Area.
If you are not a member and would like access, you may go to the WCGS store on Lulu to purchase hard copies of the journal from 2007 to the present.  In addition, there is a free subject index to Volumes 1-25 of Wake Treasures where you can identify which volumes may have articles of interest to you.  Better yet, for the price of a few hard copies, you can join WCGS and get on-line access to all volumes of Wake Treasures as well as other member-only benefits.

North Carolina Land Grants
At the October meeting of the Wake County Genealogical Society, David M. McCorkle presented his work on land grants.  Over the last two years David has developed a free website to search information about North Carolina Land Grants (link below).  His site has about 216,000 records with over 190,000 scanned images. These include images of all 205 existing Land Patent Books with complete metes and bounds for each patent and images of loose documents (surveys, warrants, receipts) for six counties including Wake.  Most of the state is covered in this database.  The land grant images and associated data on the website were provided courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina and are in the public domain.
Grants occur when the government transfers land to an individual.  A deed is the transfer of land from one individual to another. Here are the links to search for both types of Wake County land transfers.
Table of Wake Grantees with More Than 2000 Acres
Name # Grants Acres First Last
Ethelred Jones 23 12740 1780-03-29 1802-02-16
John Hinton, Jr
10 6283 1779-08-09 1773-08-09
Isaac Hunter 13 5471 1779-08-09 1792-11-28
Mark Myatt 14 4372 1780-03-29 1807-11-11
William Barker 13 4112 1780-04-01 1796-10-17
Joel Lane 9 4104 1779-08-09 1799-06-10
Burwell Pope 8 4066 1779-08-09 1782-10-28
Theophilus Hunter 11 4006 1779-08-09 1814-11-28
Joseph Lane 15 3616 1780-04-01 1807-12-28
James Hinton 7 3179 1799-08-09 1785-09-30
Jesse Jones 10 3125 1787-05-15 1804-08-20
William Alston 6 2943 1779-08-06 1780-04-11
Tingal Jones 10 2801 1779-08-09 1785-09-30
John Robertson 8 2780 1779-08-09 1780-04-12
Isaac Hill 6 2740 1780-04-11 1785-09-30
Thomas Robertson 6 2668 1779-08-09 1779-08-09
Silas Green 6 2502 1779-08-09 1799-06-10
Edwin Holding 26 2251 1797-04-17 1815-05-02
John Richardson 5 2240 1780-03-29 1787-05-15
John Ross 6 2200 1779-08-09 1780-04-11
Benjamin Blake 7 2200 1780-04-01 1787-05-15
Micajah Ferrel (assignee) 1 2105 1799-06-07 1799-06-07
Ricahrd Massey 6 2072 1799-08-09 1780-04-12
William Moore 7 2004 1780-04-12 1784-06-05