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January Meeting

Frugal Genealogy
Tuesday January 22, 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Olivia Raney Local History Library
4016 Carya Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610
Speaker: Lisa Lisson
Genealogy research can be expensive but doesn’t have to be. Many free and low cost options are available for the researcher.  We just have to know where to look.  Join us to learn more about keeping your genealogy hobby within your budget!
All WCGS meetings are free and open to the public.  Bring a friend!  Refreshments will be served during social time before the presentation. Presentation will start at 7:00.

Wake Treasures - New Issue of an AWARD Winner

In case you hadn't heard, our own Wake Treasures received the award for "Excellence in Periodical Publishing -  Journal" from the North Carolina Genealogical Society.  The award was presented to our editor, Diane Richard.  This is well-earned recognition for all the hard work done by Diane and her team to get new original materials assembled, formatted, organized, reveiwed, and indexed into a well thoughout publication that will be useful to genealogists for years to come.  Thank you, Diane, Donna Shackle, and Lori Winkelstein - our Wake Treasures Team - for your efforts!  You deserve this award!  Now on to the new issue!
Summary from  "Message from the Editor - Diane L. Richard"
Vol 28, Issue #2 of Wake Treasures incorporates material covering over 150 years of Wake County History and includes some personal family narratives as provided by Carla Stancil and Phil Upchurch who are joined by a new contributor Cheryl Williams who is connected to the Friends of Oberlin Village. 
Also in this issue are continuations of tax records, legislative petitions, and birth records. There are also some new records from Medowbrook County Club (Garner, NC) and from a Raleigh grocery store.  Meadowbrook is an organization established in the 1950s by local African Americans.  Grocery records help us learn something about how our ancestors lived in terms of day-to-day activites.
To download this new edition, log into the Members Area and go to the Wake Treasures webpage. And if you have personal stories of people, places, and events connected to Wake County, please consider sharing them for inclusion into future editions!

Transcription Treasures!

Diane L. Richard, our Wake Treasures editor, is looking for help with some easy transcriptions for upcoming journal issues.  She can send you digital images and you can work from home!  Here are the projects available:
--- Images of a ledger from the Yarboro House Hotel covering 1883-1884; it mentions many out-of-state, in-state, and and even Wake County residents.  She needs help abstracting the names and residences of those listed.
--- Images from the John W. Harris ledger c. 1820 in the Wakefield area. Though there are lots of juicy details about life in the ledger, the initial assignment is to create a list of names.  You can ignore the purchases, though if you want to fully transcribe a page or two to "show" what info might be found for a listed person, she wouldn't complain!
--- A short 1-page petition from Wake County (1827) which needs transcribing.  It is truly short and sweet with decent handwriting.
If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please contact Diane.  If you think you need a little guidance on abstracting or transcribing, you can watch the free video located further down this page. Thanks for your help!

Wake Genealogy Watch - Award Winner!!

The winter edition, Issue 2 of Vol 2, of the award-winning Wake Genealogy Watch is now available. YES, you read it correctly! Our newsletter editor Cyndi Deal received the NCGS award for "Excellence in Periodical Publishing - Newsletter" for her work on Wake Genealogy Watch!  This is well-deserved recognition for her efforts on the format, appearance, and content of our revitalized newsletter. Going forward we will always welcome articles, comments, or other items for the newsletter, so please contact Cyndi at newsletter@wakecogen.org if you have something to share.
As for our new issue, peruse the latest edition for:
  • An announcement about all the WCGS award winners at the recent North Carolina Genealogical Society conference
  • An article about the free newspaper search site "The Ancestor Hunt" by Cynthia Gage
  • An article about successfully researching census records by Ted Bainbridge, Ph.D.
  • A new article in the Genetic Genealogy series, this time on the Leeds DNA Color Match process
  • Comments from our President, Carla Stancil
  • Upcoming Events, and other great suggestions to help you with your research!
Photo Note: If you choose to read a printed version of this newsletter, some of the photos will be difficult to view due to size constraints. Please refer back to the online edition where you can enlarge the photos to accommodate better viewing.  This recent issue of the Newsletter may be downloaded from the WCGS Newsletter page.  Enjoy!

Transcription Training

Have you wanted to help WCGS or another organization with transcibing historical documents but felt unsure about your skills or are you unfamiliar with the transcription process in general?  Maybe you were unable to attend the transcription training given by our Editor, Diane Richard, last summer?  Now she has provided us with an option to learn these skills at our convenience.  Diane has recorded a virtual session for the North Carolina Genealogical Society which is free to all for viewing.  This one-hour training provides examples, tips, tricks, and resources in best practices for transcribing documents for publishing and for genealogical research in general. To view "Accurate Transcription for Historical Records", click on the title and scroll down to the viewing window.  Then we hope you will visit our Projects page to find the right transcription project for you to help us!

WCGS on Lulu!

Did you know you can purchase WCGS journals (new and archived) on Lulu? Visit the Wake County Genealogical Society Bookstore here.


WCGS Blog site
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Vol 2, Issue 2 of our newsletter is now available! You can download the issue from the WCGS Newsletter webpage.

Feb Meeting - Sharing the Family Tree with your Family
Join Jessica Conklin as she presents 10 ways to make your research more interesting when it comes to sharing your family tree with your family!

March Meeting - Family History Blogging
George Thomas discusses how not to confine your family story to the single-lined fields commonly used in genealogy based software.

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