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Bastardy Bonds, 1772 - 1937
by the Wake County Genealogical Society
In 1772 bonds were required with bondsmen as securities to ensure that illegitimate children did not become wards of the state. The laws at this time required the unwed mother to name the child’s father. As such these bonds provide genealogists with a wonderful source to identify fathers and other associates of the parents.
Deed Book R, March 1802 - October 1803
by Wake County Genealogical Society
Deeds sometimes are the only records surviving to let us know our ancestor lived in a given place.  They also may provide the proof needed to link parents to their descendants.  Deed Book R is the earliest extant deed book for the county.  Only portions of some of the earlier deed books exist.  This publication covers the entire original volume.
Divorce Records, 1831 - 1920, Surnames N - Z
by the Wake County Genealogical Society

These records can include wife’s maiden name, marriage date and place, existence of children, and names of extended family members or neighbors as witnesses.

Levy Dockets, 1805 - 1815
by the Wake County Genealogical Society
Levy Dockets are a special case of land records wherein an individual’s property has been seized and subsequently sold by the sheriff in order to pay an estate debt, unpaid taxes, or other similar debt.  Items in these dockets may include warrents, judgements, attachments, and executions on the property.
School Census, Raleigh Township - 1897
by the Wake County Genealogical Society
If you have Raleigh ancestors around the turn of the century, you may be interested in the volumes of school censuses for the township.  This publication contains the 1897 census for white students.  Ages of the students and, in some cases, the street of residence is also shown.
The Heritage of Wake County
 by the Wake County Genealogical Society, Inc.
This book is an excellent compendium that includes an overview of Wake County History as well as family overviews as submitted by the community! It is the most requested book ever for Wake County Genealogy Research!  The Heritage of Wake County may be purchased from the WCGS Lulu Store. A free index is available for download.
Apprentice Bonds
Wake County Apprentice Bonds, 1770-1860 and 1872-1903
by Wake County Genealogical Society, Inc.
For the first time ever, abstracts of all extant Wake County (NC) Apprentice Bonds are available in one place! Learn who was apprenticed to whom to do what for how long in this fascinating look at this 18th and 19th century practice. Wake County Apprentice Bonds may be purchased from the WCGS Lulu Store.
Divorce Records A-M
Wake County, NC - Divorce Records Surnames A-M
by Wake County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Divorce records can contain a wealth of information -- wife's maiden name, marriage date and place, the existence of children, may mention extended family and/or neighbors as witnesses and so much more! Don't overlook these often detailed records as you research Wake County families. Wake County Divorce Records may be purchased from the WCGS Lulu Store.