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Discovering Our Mixed-Race Heritage
Tuesday, September 27
Discovering Our Mixed-Race Heritage  (Meetings)
6:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Speaker: Dr. Arwin D. Smallwood
Historian, Writer, and History Dept. Chair at North Carolina A & T State University
This lecture explores the History, Origins, and Persistence of Tri-racial Isolates and Mixed-Race Peoples. Special emphasis will be placed on the question of creolization in early North Carolina and how the mixing of Africans, Native Americans, and Europeans has led to hundreds of mixed-race communities and millions of mixed-race peoples all over North Carolina and through migration, the United States. Though many of these people remain clustered in well-known communities, a large number live autonomously today without any knowledge of their mixed-race heritage.  Reflecting on a time when people struggled to survive negative changes in the world around them, from this talk, Dr. Smallwood hopes the participant will walk away with a broader appreciation for what it means to be American
Dr. Smallwood will discuss tax lists, indentures, and other forms of legal documentation providing what may be a first glimpse into family and their history of early racial mixing. Join us and have your eyes opened to this often hidden past born of American Society as influenced by its evolving laws.
This virtual event is free and registration is necessary. Register here:    

Searching for the Smiths
Tuesday, October 25
Searching for the Smiths  (Meetings)
6:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Speaker: Jessica Conklin
What do you do when your paper trail runs cold and all you have is a name? Follow along with my struggle to search for the elusive Smith family in this case study in using traditional genealogy plus DNA to break through a brick wall.
Virtual and free with registration beginning shortly after the September meeting

Finding and Understanding NC Court Records
Tuesday, December 6
Finding and Understanding NC Court Records  (Meetings)
6:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Speaker: David McCorkle
Courts have always dealt with crimes and disputes, but in the past they also handled much more routine items that can be of great interest to your genealogical research.   These include many functions now performed by other government offices such as proving deeds, probate, petitions, taxes, appointment of local officials, licenses, bastardy, manumission – the list goes on.  To complicate things, the type of courts and what areas they were responsible for has changed over time. This discussion will help you know what you can find along with how and where to find it. 
A North Carolina native, David is President and founder of NC Historical Records Online (NCHRO), with a mission to provide public online access to images of original records and other relevant information useful to researching North Carolina history and genealogyHe is the creator of NCHRO’s main project: the free website NC Land Grant Images and Data which contains searchable records for all 200,000+ land grants issued by North Carolina, along with close to a million images of original records.
Virtual and free with registration beginning shortly after the October meeting

Applying Investigative Skills from the Financial Crime World to Genealogy
Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Applying Investigative Skills from the Financial Crime World to Genealogy  (Meetings)
6:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Speaker: Kate Townsend
Kate started her career as an investigator fighting financial crime and, in this presentation, she will share thoughts on how the same skills and methodology used to investigate fraud, money laundering, and high-net worth individuals can be applied to your genealogical research pursuits.
Kate Townsend is an experienced researcher, investigator, and genealogist who turned her passion for family history into a business: Family History Investigations, LLC. Kate previously worked as an investigator in Corporate America. She brings this investigative know-how to her genealogical record sleuthing and analysis. Kate completed Boston University’s Certificate in Genealogical Research in Spring 2020. She is enrolled in ProGen 58. She currently serves as the Co-Program Chair of the North Hills Genealogists and the Chair of the National Genealogical Society Delegate Council Steering Committee.
Virtual and free with registration beginning shortly after the December meeting