Wake County Genealogical Society, North Carolina

WCGS Committees

Wake Treasures (Journal of the Wake County Genealogical Society)
Thank you to our 2016 contributors, abstracters, and transcribers
  • Peggy Baker
  • Kay Bissette
  • Hope Blackford
  • Claudia Conte
  • Marie Cooke
  • Carey Faison
  • Barbara McGeachy
  • Jack McGeachy
  • Alysia Richard
  • Kathy Ruse
  • Christopher T. Smithson
  • Carol Stahl
  • Carla Stancil
  • Stephen Terry
  • Robert Phillip "Phil" Upchurch
  • Debbi Blake
         Cover Design
  • Laura Alley
Wake Genealogy Watch (Newsletter of the Wake County Genealogical Society)
  • Cyndi Deal, editor
  • Cynthia Gage, chair
  • Carla Stancil